Lifeshades And 3015

"Lifeshades" the exciting new Vampire book from Quebec author Laura Davis. Come read what everyone is raving about! Armand doesn't fit anywhere. Neither human nor vampire, he continually struggles to define himself in a world where there is no comfortable place for him to exist. For years, Armand has hidden from the world in his Cote des Neige condo. His only friend, a vampire named Carmen, comes to him seeking answers
to her own existence years before and Armand's retreat is soon to be interrupted. Pulled abruptly back into the world when Carmen breaks the most important of the vampire codes, Armand is forced to revisit his past and confront his future. Here, he discovers a sinister plot by the members of the Vampire Council, a plot driven by his father who for two centuries has sought Armand's demise.

By 3015, the world has changed a great deal; it is now divided into two main blocks comprised of The East and The West. Many of the old prejudices appear to have disappeared. A ‘gene’ for homosexuality has been discovered and has subsequently wiped out all justification for discrimination based on sexual orientation.

However, some long for a return to the old values. A clandestine group called ‘The Moralists’ is still out there and are a constant threat to those with the ‘gene.’

When an alien race who have lost the ability to procreate due to a polluted water supply invade Western Earth; fertile persons with the gene are put in a ‘re-education’ camp to become future breeders for the conquering aliens.