Undercover and The Jessops-Simply Romance


Fate has a gun aimed at the hearts of Joy Gambini and Dante D'Angelo. If a happily-ever-after exists for either of them it won't be found in their undercover assignments. Joy Gambini is the exiled daughter-in-law of a New York City mobster. She meets a police officer that wants to bring down the Gambini crime family. Haller convinces Joy that her only hope for real freedom lies in working for him undercover. She is given police training and sent back to the mob. Five years later Joy is managing a club for her ex father-in-law. Dante D'Angelo, a tough New York detective, crashes into Joy's life when he threatens Gambini and his business. Gambini makes it Joy's mission to keep tabs on Dante. Their mutual attraction is as futile as it is undeniable, as they circle each other in a dance of deceit. When Dante is eventually captured by the mob Joy makes her move, saving his life and forcing them to go on the run together. During this time, Dante finds out she's a cop and they fall in love. But after she testifies in court she must go into witness protection and they are parted yet again. But two such resourceful individuals are destined to find a way back to each other? aren't they?

The Jessop's

When her brother makes a bad real estate investment, using their house as collateral, Elizabeth Abbot comes home to try and save her house. What she discovers when she gets there is worse. Her brother borrowed money against the house from the Jessop's, the richest family in town, a family she has always secretly resented for their wealth and power. When she goes to the Jessop house to plead for more time to pay off the loan, she discovers that the elder Jessop is in hospital. His son Kyle has come home from the city to take care of his affairs. Away at boarding school growing up, Elizabeth has never set eyes on the handsome, yet arrogant Kyle Jessop, until now. Kyle is not interested in pity stories, so Elizabeth must appeal to his father, a father who needs a live in nurse to get him back on his feet. Forced to give up her life temporarily in the city, Elizabeth has no choice but to move in to the Jessop home if she wants to save her house from repossession. If you are in the mood for a good, old fashioned love story laced with some witty dialogue and a lot of passion, The Jessop's is just what the doctor ordered!